From the Tharaka Nithi region, along the Eastern slopes of Mt. Kenya, this washed coffee is processed at the Kiamuriuki coffee mill. Some 430 smallholder farmers participate at this mill or factory. Farmers deliver their freshly picked coffees daily, where it goes through a dry fermentation process lasting 12-24 hours. Next, the coffee is washed and soaked over night, then dried on raised beds or tables for up to three weeks.

Coffees from Kenya are widely referred to as the "connoisseur's cup," with characteristics that are well-balanced, vibrant, clean and crisp!

The first sip is a tart ruby red grapefruit explosion, followed by a lingering strawberry finish. It's truly a unique cold brew experience!

Roast: Light
Process method: Washed
Variety: SL28, SL34


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